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Sometimes, we often think we have from here until eternity to accomplish some tasks. But then, we fail to remember that life is short and we are only here for a short while in the span of the universe. Morning fades, night falls daily, years also roll over and our lives are passing away.

Life is short, many are taken by surprise by the shortness of life and end pitiably because they are caught unprepared. Our mortality has reduced us to be time-dependent beings on earth. Every second that passes is a reminder that our end draws near.

We do not tell our loved ones how much we love them often because we assume there is always tomorrow. We don’t check on each other, thinking some other times will be a good time to do that. We procrastinate the kindness and goodwill we ought to show others as if we are custodians of time.

If there be any time to be good to ourselves and others, now is the time to do whatever we desire to do because tomorrow we planned and anticipated for may not come. Like the wave towards the pebbled shore, our lives hasten to their end. We must therefore appreciate every moment of our existence in this realm and make the best of it.

Making the most out of life, living every moment to the fullest should be our utmost pursuit. Often, fear, timidity, and procrastination are the identified enemies of purposeful and intentional living. Most times, we take for granted what matters in our lives. We assume a forever posture, deceit that we always can reach out, get something done when we are ready. How often, we lose the consciousness of time and the reality that it slips away.

Truth be told, we will not always be on this side of life. The window of life is open to everyone to ‘window-shop’. Shopping for the right things before the window closes is the most fulfilling thing we can do before we open our eyes to the other side of life.

Life has given everyone a fair opportunity. What individual does with time will tell whether or not meaning will be added to their living. We have a choice to make everyday count as if it is the last. Time will tell how much we harness the resources in it to better our lives.

Life is like a big mall. Many are unprepared in the mall of life and thus couldn’t see life as a gift to be valued and to explore to bring good tidings. We are not mere spectator, we are all major stakeholders but time will reflect how consistent some have been and how lackadaisical others are. Therefore, let us shop wisely in the mall of life so when the gates are closed, we would be satisfied we have all we needed.

Let us harness the advantage we have in time so we’ll not be disadvantaged with time. Explore, go on an adventure, make yourself happy, enjoy every moment with family and friends, serve God, lend an arm of help when you can, live life with all your strength and passion. Take the bold step in reaching your goals even if it will cause you to quit your unrewarding job, unworthy relationships, and any drawback that may put you in a disadvantaged position.

It will be disheartening to look back in time and discover things we ought to do but failed to do. Time will not always wait. The clock ticks, let us be awake to the realization of the truth that we’d not live here forever.



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Fragment of thoughts, splinters of words, unspoken
The grief surged with every expelled breath and the tears
From a heart so heavy, yet drained of joy and comfort
Called me from my cruise to pay attention to you.
I saw you took comfort in the coldness of a void
Looking at the many failed chapters and verses of your life
& the roller-coaster of your pains, regrets, and irredeemable lost
The tides of life hit your shore continually & your cries touched me.
Oh, brother! I saw your trials & your pains, I’ll stand by you.
I know it is hard to expose your cracked perfection to a stranger
The burns that stripped you of beauty and gorgeous gaze,
& the night that covers your splendor with dark tints of emotions–
Soiled in what seems to be a pang of everlasting guilt and grief,
A reality that befell you and broke you into a million pieces
Oh brother! regardless of how bad you’re hit by life unprecedented waves,
I still find you beautiful and so special, I’ll stand by you.
I will be a dose of healing to your troubled soul, a therapy to your situation.
I will be a light in your tunnel, the hope of your hopelessness
Your errors notwithstanding, be reminded you have a purpose to fulfill
Your ruins are not to be hidden behind paints and canvas,
Let men see them and marvel how you survive and still stand tall
By this, you’ll tell the world quitting when life wave hits so badly is a step to failure
Behind your scars are stories of hope you thought was lost.
Let this hope restore your joy and let it bring you overwhelming comfort
I stand by you to make you see the hues of beautiful colors
Beyond the monochrome of gray with which you painted your heart
I stand by you to tell you there is certainly beauty in your tomorrow
A newness to give you a fresh breath and a sparkle of delight.
This is why we are brothers, to make up for each other.


I will prefer to start from the concluding part of what I intend to share and loud the whimpers of my heart into laudable echoes that the wrong places identified in this article are not location-based or a geographical sphere. Rather, they are experiences, acts, and perceptions of people and what gives them utmost satisfaction.

Wrong as used in the article doesn’t connote illegal activities nor unethical or bad things people do. The usage of the term is premeditated on the value and premium people give to those things above God.

Today, as believers, we have been looking to find our significance in life by our work, our performances, by media, social status, in people, in concept, by what others think about us, and by any other reasons best known to us. The list of these things that define us is endless.

By work, we pride in a beautiful success story our lives is turning or has turned out to be. We give our effort, time, energy, and all to attain some degree of success at work. Specifically, we look up to mentors, people, who by virtue of experience and qualification are master in that particular field we want to thrive in and make their lives a template in designing ours.

We walk so endlessly, so effortlessly to become something appealing to the ears of others. Something that describes us as excellent, success, phenomenal, world-class, hero, intentional, magnificent, and all beautiful adjective in this world. We present ourselves to always match up the status quo to remain relevant in the top position of our workplace and position.

We work to live a brilliant blueprint of our success, a groundbreaking achievement, (something no one has ever achieved). We seek to be identified by the excellence of the work we have done so as to etch our names in the history of success in that particular field. The truth is, whatever level of success or position we attain in life as believers should not be what defines our life.

Your perception of you

The definition of ourselves based on performance is not a true reflection of our identity in Christ. We are first of all a child of God before being any other thing. This is pivotal to us as believers. To misplace our position in Christ in this unassuming and perilous time is to lose the greatest treasure anyone can ever have. A believer who seeks his identity in the world system is likely to lose himself and lost his identity in Christ.

Your most-secured identity is in Christ every other template is a just mirage


In recent times, the influence of media on the younger generation of today is so great that it’s almost practically impossible to distance the young ones from media platforms most especially social media. The vast space internet provides offers everyone the luxury to seek relevance in new world trends than God. It makes seeking God an old-fashioned lifestyle or perhaps something as an exclusive reserve for pastors and anyone in with ministerial assignment.

This deception has made youth and children, even adults turn to the online space to be the voice they are not. The strategist there are not called to be, the public thought leader who should be the private God-seekers, the counselors and coaches who by default themselves need counsel and the Holy Spirit coaching sessions to make refined gold out of their raw ones. This public identity seeking is bait to the growth and purpose of God in the lives of many today.

Another most frustrating thing I’ve seen under the heaven of today is men trying to be what their fellow men abo them– a justification of some certain level of relevance by the record or perception of men about them. Pitiably, we seek an identity in people’s perceptions than our reality in Christ. We build our empire to pleasing our immediate system; the people, the environment, and sideline our true heavenly environment.

There is this malady subtly administer in beautiful modern terms as branding. Everyone seems to be going crazy about it. It has become a household term and concept for any serious-minded people. Even churches and pastors today are branding and rebranding. What a misplace priority! A worship center wants to be like the other. A minister wants to outshine the others, the spirit of competition which leads to noise increases in the name of branding and rebranding

No brand is as phenomenal as the branding on the cross that Jesus did for everyone. He branded us on the cross as a set of new people, worthy and qualified to access the throne room of God. Jesus is our savior, while on earth, he does not seek the confirmation of men, he only needed the father’s instructions and he ran with it. How often we lose our position in Christ because of the position we seek among mere men. This ranking we seek in humanity, the approval and accolades we seek in men put us on the disadvantaged side because such rank deprives us of the manifestation of God’s eternal plan.

In this kingdom, victory is not what we fight to obtain. It is what we obtain by believing.


Nothing is worthy of a believer than to find his or her perfect identity in Christ. With that, the believer will be able to live wholesome and divine life with earthly relevance. He /she will not compete for anything other than to please God. Our true life is hidden in Christ, we must find him so as to live out life. A life lived without Him is a colossus of failure waiting to be crowned with regret and everlasting torment.

Would you rather seek God to find ourselves and have an everlasting hope of glory or look away and seek fame in the things of this world which are destined to perish.? Think about it today and make a choice!

For it was always in his perfect plan to adopt us as his delightful children, through our union with Jesus, the Anointed One, so that His tremendous love that cascades over us would glorify his grace for the same love he has for His Beloved one, Jesus, he has for us. And this unfolding plan brings him great pleasure.  Ephesians 1:5&6 (TPT)

Ephesians 1:5&6 (TPT)


Life is fragile and hard times are inevitable. Lately, people are lurching from one crisis to another. Aside from the global pandemic that has wrought great havoc on several economies, people deal with personal trauma such as loss of loved ones, declining health, unemployment, rejection, divorce, tragic accidents, poverty to mention but a few. Looking through the lens of what people are passing through we should see how messy life could be.

We all need help along life’s path. Nobody is all self-sufficient. You may have all the wealth in this world, but when you fail to help others, you’re not playing your part to better living.

Make a difference as such a time like this by reaching out to others, helping them to find joy in their sorrow, peace in their troubles, and hope in their hopelessness. You can make each day count for others by helping and putting a smile on their face.

When people look up to you for help, do not throw them away


When people look up to you for help, do not throw them away. The hope of someone maybe your unconditional love. Depriving them of such makes life a miserable habitat for them. The gift of love, time, and attention may save some soul a million times than the gift of money or material things. Strongly, I believe the best way to love others is helping them in times of need.

Do not help others because you seek their validation, love, respect, and whatsoever. Do whatever you do to make a positive difference. That’s how you make the world a better place for others to live. Nothing exalts the soul or gives it a sheer sense of buoyancy and meaning so much as being used to change the lives of other people. Lend your arm to help, expect nothing from those you help.

Don’t be too self-conscious to ignore the one’s who need help on their way to destiny for kindness and goodness will return to you when you least expect or maybe when you need them most.


“…even the storm became an experience”

The previous verses of Mark chapter 4 revealed the rabbinic ministry of Jesus with teaching sauced with deep parables and served on the lip of truth to the thousands of people who gathered to listen to him. However, from verse 35 to the end, a number of details in this concise account attract attention.

Jesus, after teaching decided to cross to the other side of the lake. It was evening, the dark blanket of night was almost upon the earth. Jesus and his disciples voyaged, crossing the lake to the other side leaving the crowd of people behind them.

Sometimes, it is easy to be enticed by popularity and difficult to walk away from people who look up to us. People who find meaning in life because of the position we occupy in their lives just as Jesus did. We must learn as believers to always separate ourselves from the crowd. We must find solace in the secret place where we solely share intimate time in fellowship with God.

Like every other journey, they set out upon the vast waters rolling the boat and sailing forward. Suddenly, a big wind storm arose and the waves beat into the boat so much that the boat was almost filled. It was a violent windstorm that threatens to sink the boat where Jesus and his disciples were cruising. The disciples were frightened, the ferocious tempest led to an uproar, a cry for help.

Remember, some of Jesus’ disciples were trained fishermen who must have handled moderate storm, fought through it, and arrive at the shore. This time, the disciples had exhausted all their professional skillsets and everything they could do to balance the boat upon the waters. They were all in a state of indescribable chaos. They almost assume the end had come. The turbulence was so great that it beats their imagination. The storm was like a death sentence, It was not a common storm.

The disciple reached out to Jesus as their last hope. Their knowledge had failed them as much as their experience. Every minute on the boat in the face of the storm gave no hope of survival until Jesus was called upon. The disciples accused Jesus of being negligent and indifferent. They believed serious situation demands serious attention and truly, one would wonder how could Jesus be sleeping comfortably at such a deadly time?

Jesus on hearing the disciples arose to the storm and extends His lordship to nature by rebuking the wind and speaking peace to the sea. Wow! the sea and the wind heard him and they obeyed. It is not scientific for inanimate things to hear (listen to instructions) but the sea and the wind heard Him. Scientific laws and assertions will fail when divinity (or those who by sonship are authorized) decides to take preeminence.

The great storm and the raging waters became a great calm because the author of life declared peace.


We might have been touched by the storm of life, a furious squall determined to break our resistance so we can give up our beautiful dreams, aspirations, and the life God has given to us. One truth we must hold on to is that He is Emmanuel– God with us.

In the midst of our troubles, confusion, and uncertainties, Jesus is our comfort, our hope, and our restorer. He engineers endings crafted by the enemies to be disastrous by redesigning them in conformity to His will to the glory of His name.

Jesus feared no storm. Like Jesus, we must fear no storm. He is just as much in control and the disciple was just as safe in his hand while he was asleep well as while he was awake. If Jesus in the human flesh could calm the sea to restore comfort, how much more Christ the glorified?

You will walk through the storm and come out of it undefeated. You will survive life because He is your anchor and your comfort.

Many times when we are passing through the storms of life, we often think that God is absent, but He is not. He is only waiting for us to call on Him.



Three Poems from Pele Banji | PAROUSIA Magazine


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Three Poems from Pele Banji | PAROUSIA Magazine

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I took a huge step back from life
With the hopelessness of each passing day

I wore a smiling face with disillusioned heart

My inside was too damp with uncried tears

No one knew the depth of my drowning soul

Until she knocks the gate of hades.

In the wretched valley of absolute nothingness,

Came the floodlight from a divine source

Rectilinearly reaching my death-seeking soul

With the illumination of life and hope.

Now, water flows in my dry places

And garden sprouts from my desert

With flourishing flower petals
Announcing the beauty of life

Touched by heaven’s glorious light.


The night I had my sweetest tears

Was the night heaven’s light

Reached out to my darkened soul

Putting off my darkness

And turning up my hope of beautiful

Years to come.

It was indeed tears of joy!


Memories splashed my night
With a magical illumination.

My heart traveled infinitely
It opened the world inside of me

Revealing my scars and inadequacies

The awakening of regrets
And the internal brokenness
That condemns me to sin

I mirror myself through performance
To rate how much I’ve done
To the best of my abilities, I failed.

I sought strength in my weak self
But it produces fear such that consumes

Alas! I heard the whisper of hope
A warm touch of love and affection

As I gave my ears to the word of God
And gave my heart wholly to Him.

He took my fear and healed my wound
I bask in the euphoria of His love

For in loving, He loved me more
His love for me is beyond forever.

Our perspective of things, and the perspective of others

Sometimes we are drowned in our perception, our ideology of how people should think and act the same way we do. We are suffocated with several thoughts of “why” people do and act otherwise. We are too quick to forget that no matter how we try to make people who we are or make them think like us, the more frustrating the process becomes.

No man can be perfectly twisted against his beliefs and mindset. Everyone has his/her own mind. Life has several colours in the face of everyone– to some it is monochromatic and to others, it a hue of several colours.

The best we can do to help others if truly we care is not to force ourselves on them, rather, open them to perspectives they never thought about and leaving them to decide for themselves. We can always give our candid advice without fear or doubt whether people follow it or not. It is the part we must play in contributing to the growth of others. However, it should not be compelled.

We should not live based on someone else’s decision for our life and we should not expect other people to live based on our own decision for them.

“Let others define themselves…”